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Hoi! My name is Maja van der Velden.

Home is Oslo, Norway and a a woodlot next to the Alfred Bog wetland in rural Ontario, Canada - a place with beautiful dragonflies. I have in lived in Tanzania and Palestine.

I was born in the Netherlands. My formal education is in Arab Languages and Cultures (M.A.) mixed with Political Science and Medical Anthropology (University of Amsterdam), and a PhD in Information Science (University of Bergen, Norway). My practical learning took a more varied route, from the Amsterdam squatter movement via and to in Palestine, and around the world with and other organisations and networks.

I now work as a researcher at the Department of Informatics of the University of Oslo. My main research interest is cognitive justice and technology design. As a member of the Design of Information Systems research group, I work on a four year project named Autonomy and Automation in an Information Society for All, which is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. In my case study I investigate the regulatory ecology of patient privacy on the Internet. I teach Science Technoloy Society Ethics.

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Ace Suares' Internet Consultancy -
    Friend and colleague Ace Suares is a native of Curacao. His bussinesses in the Netherlands and Curacao offer Internet services to small businesses, NGOs and social groups. Ace is a member of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). The handy tool to create and maintain this web site was developed by Ace. 
Association for Progressive Communications -
    The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is an international network of civil society organisations dedicated to empowering and supporting groups and individuals working for peace, human rights, development and protection of the environment, through the strategic use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), including the Internet. I have been involved with APC and its Women's Networking Support Programme since 1993. My activities ranged from training of users and trainers, co-ordination at UN summits (ICPD-1994, WSSD-1994, WCW-1995) as well as consultations on gender and ICT. 
Baraka -
    In 1992-4 I initiated Baraka, the first NGO computer network in the Middle East. Baraka was part of a project to connect Palestinian NGOs, working in the fields of human rights, health, agriculture and women, to the Internet via Baraka's UUCP link with GreenNet in the UK.  
Qwikzite -
    I would not have a website if I didn't have this wonderful tool. Qwikzite is developed by Ace for small organisations and individuals who need a user-friendly and easy-to-maintain website right now
Rolf Kleef -
    Rolf is the brain behind the online document review system we developed for the Programme of International Co-operation and Conflict resolution.  
Tanzania Media Women Association (Tamwa)
    TAMWA was born in 1987 with 10 founder members committed to the objective of empowering female journalists. At the time there were very few women journalists in the country and no women in decision making positions in the media. Journalism was considered a male preserve and women journalists faced constant harassments.  
Programming for Cognitive Justice
The importance of cognitive justice for the design and development of information systems is that it provides a framework that challenges the assumed neutrality of the technology and the technology designer. With cognitive justice there is no objective ‘expert’ position from which to design and develop technology. Cognitive justice focuses information systems design on the knowers and the environments in which their knowledge is situated. As a result, the design process itself becomes a dialogue of diverse interests and values. The importance of this dialogue is that it takes place during the design of the "technical arrangements that precede the use of the technology in question”.
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